Davide Heijmans

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fine art

Davide maakt ook vrij werk. Bekijk hieronder haar fine art series en blijf op de hoogte van haar exposities.



Davide Heijmans is a Dutch photographer who’s work focuses on capturing raw emotions through her lens. She aims to create photographs that stir within the viewer, an unexplainable connection to the subjects she portrays. Davide is a master in seizing the moment, and as such, her work presents a certain sense of vibrancy and life, despite often being melancholic in nature. She exhibited in Amsterdam and in Apricale (Italy) and her photoseries Falling Angels and 24/24 San Remo are a testament to her capability to create captivating photography, with profound meaning and purpose. In her Falling Angels series, Davide captures the delicate balance between vulnerability and strength by photographing people just as they lose control, in a moment that is both freeing and terrifying. In San Remo 24/24 she focuses on showcasing the living, through a series of vivid images depicting the simple, spontaneous beauty of everyday life. Davide Heijmans is a talented photographer who continues to push her artistic boundaries and create work that speaks directly to the heart.

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